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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  September 28, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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the following is a presentation of the redskins broadcast network. ♪ welcome to "redskins chronicles." i'm larry michael. each week we take a look at a piece of this team's storied legacy. today, a fairly recent alum with the burgundy and cold corey rammer. before we do that, redskins fall to 1-3. falling to the giants thursday
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night 45-14. here's the highlights brought to you by aaa. >> from the pistol, kirk cousins on the read option across the 25, 30, slides to the 32, there you go. >> kirk back to pass, heat off the edge, he fumbles the ball, giants recover at the redskins' 24. >> the shotgun into the end zone, it is caught. giants touchdown, they confront the turnover by kirk cut sins. >> takes a snap, looking end zone, fires, caught back of the end zone. it's a giants touchdown. >> takes a snap. looking, looking. fires. caught, desean jackson up the sideline reaches for the first down marker. >> play action fake, kirk. going to the end zone. a man is there, caught, touchdown andre roberts, touchdown redskins. >> looking right the whole way. looking to the corner. it is up and it is caught. third touchdown of the game. >> and morris, now hall, he's going to score all the way, touchdown. from 20 yards out. >> here comes the blitz.
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he fires and it's intercepted. at the 30. to the 25. cuts across the field. got some blockers. headed to the left side, gets hit by the redskins at the 21. >> redskins with a four-man front. manning going to the end zone, caught, knocked out, intercepted by keenan robinson. >> takes a snap. kirk fires off to the right. it's picked off into the hands of the defender. oh, my. that was ugly. bad pass. the interception by jermaine mcbride. >> manning brings them to the line. "i" formation behind manning. play action fake. looking, going to try to run it, ask he does. eli manning. >> game over. tough night at fed ex field for the redskins falling to the giants 45-14. >> the redskins fall to 1-they. they've got the weekend off. next we pull up a chair with
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corey railer, former redskins center.
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welcome back. larry michael joined by one of my favorite redskins corey railer from back in the day. how are you doing? >> good, how are you doing? >> thank you for being on the show. take me back to wisconsin. growing up in wisconsin. was it a foregone conclusion that you'd be a badger, you'd play football at wisconsin? >> well, growing up in wisconsin, every team, every nfl -- there wasn't a good team out there. baseball, basketball, soccer, football was even worse. and it was -- the college was the same way. we had a coach back in the day that had an 80,000 capacity stadium and about 3,000 people would go. so going to badgers games was a joke.
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as soon as barry got there, it was kind of a spark that the whole state started feeling pretty good about it. at that point that's when i started coming up through high school. at no point did i ever consider going anywhere else. >> alvarez got that job at wisconsin, he never did leave, he felt comfortable there. what'd you learn from him? defensive coach. >> well, i was -- when i got there, i was -- i was going to be a defensive tackle. then the first day i got there, about six seconds after i got there, i was a center. so i'm kind of glad for that move. it went well. but that was the start of the career. you know, it just -- he taught me everything about it. i mean, it was -- it's such a small -- coming from high school to college, it's such a huge step. taking an extra step from the college to pros is even bigger. in college it becomes more of a game. it opened you up a little bit. he showed you different avenues
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to take. it's challenging because you're both -- you've got to go to school and play football. so it was a fun -- it was a fun coach, it was a fun time to be you know, a fat white kid from wisconsin. we started winning. we went to the rose bowl. then everything else just speaks for itself. >> highly decorated college player, cory raymer. was that rose bowl game your high point in your college career? >> it was. it was the first time that something like that evhappened. i remember like it was yesterday. we had to beat michigan state to go to the rose bowl. we had to play them in tokyo. it was a game that was decided five, six years prior to that that we'd play. it came down to that. so i just have nothing but great memories about winning that game. the month leading up to california, getting off to california. you know. california still hates wisconsin people. we're not welcome there. we're not that type of people.
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but we had a lot of fun and our fans came out there. it was just, you know, nothing but great, great memories. >> as many accolades as you had, you didn't go in the first round. you're a second-round pick of the redskins. were you disappointed? did you think you'd go in the first? were they proceeding smoke up you know where, did you buy any of that? >> i didn't buy any of it. i got sick of -- it's such a -- to chosen by the redskins was the highlight of my career, has been to this day. leading up to it, the combine, the guys that are doing it right now, all the way up to the draft, it was the most miserable, miserable time to be doing that. to hear everybody do this, this, this, saying this, in your ear about this. first round, second round, yada, yada, yada. it was just something that i was -- i was real good at going and finding hide-aways and being ice fishing or back woods and nobody found me there. to even take that story back further i was fortunate enough, after college, to play those
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all-star games. >> right. >> we went out to the shrine game in san francisco. then i was supposed to go on to honolulu, the hula bowl. and i was dumb enough to actually call them up and say, i'm not coming, i'm going to go ice fishing with my buddies in eagle river. which at the time was 30 below zero. >> eagle river over honolulu? >> i am as dumb as i look. that was the difference. but yeah. doing everything in wisconsin was, you know -- everything outdoors. >> sure. >> hunting, fishing. >> how do you drill a hole? is it a drill or is there a special -- i've never done it, okay? >> back in the day when you were a poor kid you did it by hand. it was a drill that you did by hand, much like you'd drill a hole right now. back in the day you had to do that. you got older and started saving money, now you've got augers, gas-powered augers that you can just tear right through it.
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>> you get drafted by the redskins and norv turner is your head coach. what are your first memories of the first camp and what'd you think you'd gotten yourself into? >> it was like i was saying earlier. the step from high school to college was -- it was huge. but the step from college to [ s was so big i'd take an elevator. i mean, it was -- it just -- you're playing against, you know, grown men. the speed, everything. it's just something that you -- you'll never forget. it's hard to mimic and it's hard to get used to. you just had to kind of -- you know, follow someone, pick a guy out. i had john gesic, i had a couple of other guys, russ grimm was a coach here, just kind of followed. kept your mouth shut, followed the good people, they showed you the way. then you'd learn. you had to learn quickly. >> early in your career, i can recall -- i mean, obviously this is one of the guys that i kind of grew up with around here. you were involved in a pretty bad accident, weren't you? >> i was. >> tell us about that, if you
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ever thought that might be it. >> it was -- we were coming back, a bye week, we were coming back from striper fishing. and we got a little bit of a late start heading back up here. it was the school buses, schools were letting out, whatnot. we were just driving down the two-lane highway. a guy, older gentleman, the school bus was up there. he didn't see us, he pulled out in front of me. i swerved to miss him. i did a great move, i thought i could be nascar, you know. one of the nascar moves. unfortunately the driveway that i swerved to miss him was gravel. we just started -- it was flipping. three, four of us were in the car, we all got ejected. and i just -- i was just, you know -- i remember it quite often. it's amazing how fast, how quickly, things can go bad. just -- it happens. but i was just fortunate enough i was all right and everybody, more importantly, everybody in
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the car was okay. i mean, there was a bunch of bumps and bruises. >> bumps and bruises? >> some broken bones. >> you had a few broken bones. you had more than bumps and bruises. >> i landed on the greatest place you could land as a man of my stature. i got thrown out of the car and landed right on my butt. so that was the only -- i literally had a pretty big pain in the butt. other than that. i broke my tail bone. and i would break every bone in my body before i'd go back to breaking tail bone again. >> ouch. hey, more with the great cory raymer after this on "redskins chronicles."
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welcome back to "redskins chronicles." one of my favorite redskins, cory raymer. you might be the favorite, i'm not sure, got a lot of old buddies. you come back from injury. how tough was that for you? the team on and off struggled. did have a playoff game coming up in your future. >> that was tough. it was at that time, right at the end of the season, closer to the season when i got in the accident, i was done for the year. any time you get someone else, you know, you leave that door open to come in and play. they got jeff ulinek in here, he started playing real well, a great football mare. he took my spot, so after that i had to -- it was -- that was a game changer. that was a career. that was something that i didn't, you know -- nobody ever wants that. but it was my second year in the
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league. here i'm looking at, you know, coming back and fighting back for my position. and that was -- to me, that was hard. so i had that little chat with myself at that time. the second year i was in here, a lot of my close friends that i hung out with, a lot of them got released so it was just me. so i had a lot of, you know, just some time to think and time to react. you know, busted your butt trying to get back. i decided that wasn't going to be you know, the last i was going to see of the playing field. and more importantly here. >> then you did play in a playoff game. redskins and tampa bay. didn't quite work out the way you want no, it wasn't good. it was a long day. tampa bay was always a good defense. we were running around and doing that. to have it to come down to, you know, the snap how it did. dan turk was always, you know, a friend. and it just -- it sucked that it had to come down to that. you know, it was bad for him but
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it was bad for everybody. we had our hopes up. it was -- i still think we could have went and beat st. louis -- or the rams at st. louis. so it was -- that was the first, but it was a heartbreaker. >> you played for a few coaches with the redskins. you played with even more quarterbacks. >> yeah, a handful. >> test your memory, rattle a few off. or is that asking too much? >> i started with schuler, gus frerotte, and trent green. then jeff hoff stetler, kent graham -- >> former ohio state buckeye. >> that's yes liked him. i'm kidding. >> jeff george. >> jeff george. well, we had ramsay and brunell. brad johnson. >> who were some of your favorite teammates? you had a bunch of characters back in those days.
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and you made a lot. and also you left but came back. so let's talk about it in a general sense. some of your favorite redskins teammates. >> you know what, it was -- the beginning few years when norv was here was a little bit different. being young, obviously, had something to do with it. we were a little bit older team. but i didn't find -- i kind of followed the path of like the brian mitchells or ken harveys or marcus pattons. >> pros. >> those guys, that was the backbone of this team. and i think norv did a good job. we got rid of a couple of bad seeds. started bringing in some different people. and to me, i've never learned anything more from anybody else other than russ grimm. he was obviously a former player and hall of famer. but as a coach, it was -- it was just amazing to me how he enlightened you or opened you up. to see the bigger picture. he was, you know -- that way was
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phenomenal. plus he was a kid himself. so it was fun with that. but then you can attest to it too. that moron from michigan -- >> i'll talk about him in a second. a couple of guys who were -- another two guys that i -- jansen. let's not interrupt it. you guys automatically became pals. tell us about that relationship. it's not just big 10. a lot of common interests. >> absolutely, absolutely. it wasn't far. i mean, it was -- coming obviously from the big 10, if you was from ohio i never would have liked him. but michigan, and we beat michigan every time, i had a little bit of it going. it was easy because he was -- he was a good -- i wanted to say i was the fourth or fifth year, he was a rookie, and he came in and made an impact right away. i mean, heck of a football player. heck of a team player. great leader. even though he was younger than me, i would follow him anywhere. like you said, we had a lot of interests off the field. we had more interests on the
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field. we made it fun. it was -- going through meetings and trying to mess with people as much as you can, it's a drag. and it's tough. but with guys like john, it makes it fun to come in in the morning. >> was trey johnson before his time? do you think his personality -- maybe a little bit before his time? >> trey, trey had it in him so much, but he was always tired. instead of -- he would mess around with you, screw around with you, then he wouldn't take that final step to make it to be where it was either hilarious or it was a bad deal. trey was always, i'm just going to go sit here, catch a quick nap. with trey, he wasn't -- the man put himself -- went through college, had his master's. he's got tattoos head to toe. he looks like the predator with his hair. and people would run from him going the other way. and what came out of that man's mouth was nothing short of just being a genius. and he was definitely a character.
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we had a lot of fun. >> you ended up coming back after leaving as a free agent. you came back to the redskins. was that a real comfortable deal for you at the time? >> i -- absolutely. i never wanted to leave. and it was just one of those things you do. i went out to san diego. it was something. it was just -- everything was new. everything was, you know -- i didn't want to do that again. i felt comfortable. i was in my box. i had to leave her, go out there, and i spent two years out there. it was the same thing. marty called me in and wanted to -- it was the contract thing. i just figured what was my best options. coach gibbs came back here. i was talking to my agent and he said, i'm going to call the redskins. as soon as he called it, i was back here. it was a little bit different, but still, it was -- i felt like i was coming home. >> as much as you respected russ grimm you probably had heard a lot about buges. all of a sudden he's cursing you
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out. >> well, not only just -- buges is the biggest one bull ought coaches. coach gibbs would come in, stick his head in, through the years. i mean, we all grew up -- i grew up, you were already that old. but i grew up with that, paying attention to the hogs and, you know, the redskins and coach gibbs and all that. but it wasn't just coach gibbs and -- all of them, he had the old crew, all the old coaches were back. they were excited. they were older men that now had a hitch in their giddy-up and they wanted to, you know, prove a point. and it was fun to be involved in that and come back and see all those guys. bugle was definitely a character. >> the circle of football life ironically enough has you being replaced by a badger. i guess if you've got to go. >> yeah. >> you knew him ahead of time.
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>> i did. i knew casey through the years, being in wisconsin. he was a good guy. and it's just one of those things. you know, it always comes back around. you always -- in this sport you want to leave on your own two feet or you want to leave with you saying that i'm leaving. it doesn't happen that often. it doesn't happen a lot. but it was, you know -- i never -- it never got easier, tasted better. it always was bad. it is what it and is you take it with a grain of salt. i still can't complain one second of the time that i had here. >> a lot of people want to know what you're up to. what are you doing these days? >> as little as possible. i got three kids that have completely ruined my life. so i have to follow them around everywhere they go. 14, 12, 9. they're all actively in sports. and i coach them in football. they play basketball. they played hockey. big in lacrosse. lacrosse season's coming now.
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every weekend will be spent on the lacrosse field. that, and i work with a bunch of buddies from back in wisconsin that i grew up with, college buddies. still acting like idiots. >> you've got a lot of friends still in this building. >> absolutely. >> you know you do. don't be such a stranger. >> i promise. >> cory raymer, one of my all-time favorite redskins, at the very top of the list. we'll check out what's happening with the redskins this weekend on "redskins chronicles."
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welcome back to "redskins chronicles." i'm larry michael. the redskins have the weekend off, a few extra days to get over that loss to the giants and heal up some of their injured players. their opponent, the seattle seahawks. also with this weekend off. they have their bye. the skins and seahawks square off monday night, october 6th, fed exfield. the last time the seahawks were at fed ex field was that faithful playoff game a couple of years ago when rg3 got hurt. we know what to expect. russell wilson at quarterback leading the way. richard sherman, the corner, chirping the entire game. that's going to do it for "redskins chronicles." i'm larry michael at redskins park. we'll see you right here next week.
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